Later in the day…

25 11 2009

So I had to go to my moms work today to print and fax stuff out for substitute teaching. 25 PAGES! Geeze they want to know my life story. While I was there I saw my ex and over heard him talking about investing money with his friend. So I assumed he invested a couple hundred dollars. He’s cheap, this is the guy that would get mad when I would order pop when we went out to eat because it costs an extra $2. So I asked him, how much? $35,000!!!!! He gave someone he didnt know that much money and in 6 months he’s supposed to get back $45,000! He’s an idiot. But whatever, not my money, I just can’t believe his girlfriend or mother let him do it.

Anyways, now I’m waiting for my wonderful boyfriend to get home, he’s feeling much better. He even kissed me this morning goodbye! He has refused to do so since he’s been sick. Maybe we’ll go do something. 🙂




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