Thanks for changing my life.

25 11 2009

Isn’t it odd how someone you don’t even know can make a life changing decision for you?
Let me give you 2 examples of what I mean.
1) The obvious. You go to an interview. The person interviewing you could not like what your wearing, think your too nice, or not nice enough. You could be the best person for the job or it could be your ideal job. But because of what I stated earlier your out of the running. They just made a life changing decision for you. For the worst. If you got that job you could finally have paid off your bills, got a new car you’ve been deserving or even moved out of your parents house. But because someone thought you were too nice for the job (happened to me) they decided for you that you weren’t going to do these things.
2) The not so obvious. This happened to us too. Jonathans best friend off all his life moved to Baton Rouge, La about a year ago with his wife. Her family lives down there, she was offered a good job and the economy was better than here. So they moved and the deal was we were going to move down there after college. We went down and stayed with them for a week in July. And loved it there. Where does the life changing part come? Well about a month ago Jonathans friend calls him. His wife says she’s not happy and wants a divorce. WHAT?! What nerve she has after she uprooted him from his friends and family to do this? I immediatly thought it had to be another guy. But how? They have one shared car and she doesn’t do anything. WoW is how. I’ve been reading her myspace and the douchy ugly guy she’s been flirting withs and they met on Warcraft. The ruiner of all relationships. So basically she’s giving up on a 10 year relationship for a guy she doesn’t even really know because he gives her butterflies and she hasn’t felt that way in a longtime. I know because I did it. Lucky for me it turned ot for the best but I’m hoping that won’t happen for her. So I’m blaming this “guy” for me not being able to move there, for me not getting a better life where there’s jobs and warm weather. And friends. Because of him Jonathans friend up and joined the military, we won’t have anywere to go If we moved, Jonathan won’t have his best friend for at least five more years. So thank you guy we don’t know. For knowing the friend and still flirting with his wife anyway. And thank you for taking his marriage and his life away from him. And thank you for taking a great oppertunity away from me and my boyfriend. I don’t know you. But your a huge douchebag.
Ps. Kudos for having the nerve to go into another mans house and sleeping with his wife for Thanksgiving. While he stays at his friends house so you can do it.

Gah. I didn’t realize how mad that made me writing it out. I want to message him this link on his myspace.




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