27 11 2009

I would like to start off with the things I am thankful for this year.
My mom. She does so much for me and I don’t thank her enough.
My boyfriend. He is a great person and he loves me for me. Or so he says.
My family who I don’t see much but they are all great.
That I finished my BFA, even though I can’t use it because there are no jobs. I am still greatful that I got it and accomplished it.
The fact that I have a roof over my head, clothes on my back and food to eat.
Well that’s really all I can think of for now….

Well today I completly ate too much food. Probably added 5 more pounds on top of the 20 that I’ve managed to gain in the past year. Yes. I gained 20 pounds in actually about 6 monthes. I’m blaming it on birth control. And fast food. I need to work out but I always forget too. Not even making excuses! I wake up and get straight into the shower. Then as I’m stepping in I think “crap I wanted to work out this morning!” Or I would love to get a gym membership but I have no money and my boyfriend won’t go with me. Maybe if I made him get one with me we could go together.
So now I’m sitting here at Melissa’s with my pants unbuttoned waiting to go home so I can bone my boyfriend. Yay! Oh I wish I had some money to go shopping for Christmas. I feel so aweful that I can’t afford presents. At least atm. I hope that borders calls me Saturday! I will feel like a major loser if I don’t get called back. I won’t even be good enough to get hired in retail during the Christmas season.
I would also like to add that whenever I see a baby I get so sad and always think. That should be me. I’m not going to go into much detail but that’s how I feel. Since I’m not giving this blog to anyone I can say. He or she would be a little over 11 months today. Or 1 on the 21st of December.
Jonathan promised we could try again this month. We want to have a September baby. So this month it is. 😎




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