Just another night.

1 12 2009

Today was a day like every other day in my life.
Got up, got ready, went to Qdoba, ran out of gas (yup, you read that right) watched tv, played with Emmett, more tv… Heroes, a show about people finding missing family members, and now we are finally getting to watch the Netflix movie we’ve had for over a week, The Soloist. Too exciting, know! So far its pretty good. I can tell already that its going to be a tear jerker.
So yesterday, using my last resource, I was going to try and get my files off of my broken laptop. I turn it on and it loads into repairing it. It always used to freeze at that stage! So it repaired it and it has worked ever since! Best thing that has happened to me in a while! Yay! I made sure I hurried up and saved everything off it on our new 1tb external hardrive. Thanks to my wonderful boyfriend! This is us by the way. He looks happy right? Rigghhtt lol…

And as Im typing Im having one of my wonderful gallbladder attacks. I get them every once in a while… It only happens at night, and it is a cramping feeling in my chest that moves through my throat and into my back. It often comes along with nausea. So I read up on what causes it. “The pain can come from a stone making its way down the biliary duct or bile tube toward the duodenum of the small intestine. It can also be caused by a back up of bile in the gallbladder (with or without stones) that causes it to swell from fullness causing discomfort. Or it can come from an infected gallbladder itself that becomes inflammed known as cholecystitis.” And what else grosses me out is that I have a medical terminology/disease book with a picture of gall stones in a gallbladder and it is probably one of the grossest things I’ve ever seen. I wont tell my mom though because she will overreact and make me go to the doctor, I’ll probably have to go get my gallbladder taken out just like she did when she was my age. Although I think they just laser it out now. The attacks dont bother me so much now I can deal with it.

Alright Im off for the night. It really does feel good to write on this. 🙂




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