I love Taylor Swift!

5 12 2009

She is on Jay Leno right now and I want to be her friend. I want to sing with her and have her hair.
Ok sorry, I sound like a crazy thirteen year old.
I found a website that is really cute and everyone should go there.
Check it out. http://cuteoverload.com/ In fact, this is a really cute picture she posted today. Oh, so I started at Cotton Plus today. It is a store in the mall that puts graphics on shirts, hats, mugs, etc.  Notice I’m not saying screen printing because they send their work out to get screen printing and embroidery done. So working there today it made me realize that I would never send my work there! The 2 girls I worked with today dont know anything about graphics and everything they did looked like crap! And I also realized that I could do this! All they do is take what people give them, which is usually a picture or font, print it on transfer paper, and place it on the shirt and press it with a hot iron press! Thats it! I could completely do it… And do it way better. Because I would actually scan things at the appropriate dpi, and make things look good. Plus I could design cool things to put on the shirts, not just something that says “Worlds Greatest Dad” which dad would never wear anyways. So anyways… Jonathan and I could totally do that. We just need some money to get started so we can rent a mall cart or something. But I know we could do it. Jonathan has a good printer, and all you need is a bunch of shirts and an iron. Shoot, the manager I worked with today said the guy that started it just took orders all day and took them home and they could pick it up the next day. Anyways, I’m getting all worked up. Later. 🙂




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