I didn’t send you a Christmas card, Charlie Brown.

8 12 2009

Lots of things have been running through my mind lately.

I’ve been working a lot at Cotton Plus. Too bad the pay sucks. And Thursday is my first subbing gig. It’s only a half a day so I get to come home take a nap then go back to work at Cotton Plus. Yay, hopefully I’ll be making some money soon.

I’ve been really thinking about starting my own business. But it’s scary.

My boyfriends friend Lee and I got into it a little bit on myspace. He’s a douche.  He was the one that I wrote about in one of my first blogs where his wife is basically kicking him out for another guy. Well this is how our situation got started. I’ll try to make it short… So he wrote as his status on myspace “Bored…” So I made the comment,”yea me too, it sucks I haven’t been able to find a job so I’m always bored.” Then he writes something about how his life sucks and his wife basically has him by the balls.. So I wrote him a message basically saying that I was sorry for what was happening and referring to his wife having him by the balls, that is wasn’t fair to him that she doesn’t want to be with him because he deserves to be with someone who truly loves him and wants him to be happy. Right? That makes sence, like, he shouldn’t want to be with someone who doesn’t want him back because he deserves better. I thought I was being nice.

WELL then he writes me back saying something like, You can’t seriously expect me to take advice from anyone that hasn’t been in this position? And proceeded to be a rude ass to me! What did I do? I was trying to be nice.  Whatever. So I wrote him back and told him what was up. I told him he doesn’t know me and can’t tell me that I have no idea how it is to end a long-term relationship! Then I proceeded to tell him about my past relationship. And I was just as rude back. So then he wrote me back saying how sorry he was and didn’t know. Yea well, what kind of person writes his best friends girlfriend a message like that? But I’m over it.

So I haven’t been in the Christmas spirit at all this year. Maybe it’s because I have no money, or because my boyfriend’s house has no decorations, or because it hasn’t snowed, but I’m having trouble and I hate it. So I heard on facebook today that there is going to be a Christmas Holiday Walk at the Cultural Center tonight.  I really want to go, maybe it will get me in the spirit. But I can’t. No one to go with. I cannot wait until this semester is over with for my boyfriend. I am so sick of not being able to do things because he has to do homework. And I don’t even care if I sound selfish.
Oh speaking of being selfish.. We were invited to go to Rainforest Cafe and Gameworks Sunday with my mom and her boyfriend and his kids. We never do anything with my family, so I thought it would be something fun to do and we wouldn’t even have to pay for anything. Plus with him working so much and school, we don’t get to do anything fun anymore. And Sunday would be perfect because he doesnt have to work and his hockey game is late. So I tell Jonathan about it Saturday night, and his mom says Dont you have practice on Sunday after church? That made me soooo mad?!!!?!!! Why do they have band practice right after church? Thats like the worst idea ever. Thats supposed to be the time where you spend time with your family and relax or go out to eat. Anyway it made me mad because he wouldnt tell them he had to leave early or anything. It’s just his family! Not like people who are real strict or jerks. For once, it wouldn’t kill him to come do something for me. I go to his games, stay at his house so he doesn’t have to drive a 1/2 hour to work from here, I go to church with him, go to his family events. Why?  Because thats what couples do. And it’s so obvious in our relationship that he doesn’t have  good role models or experience with it.




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