Freezing & Stinky Farts

12 12 2009

I guess I don’t have a lot to write about today.
I don’t have to work which is cool. Since I work all Saturday and Sunday. Oh that reminds me I have to contact the Small Business Association about business loans.
Today I went to lunch with my mom and cousin Katrina. Then got my oil changed. And now I’m just trying to get warm. Thats why Michigan sucks! October and November was so mild. Then December comes along and it wants to be in the low 20’s. Its soooooo cold out!
Emmett is laying next to me and had the hiccups, so I scared him. It was funny because it worked, then he glared at me. Now he’s sleeping and keeps farting. And it smells really bad. Have I introduced you to Emmett? He’s my 11 month old boxer. He’s great. Like a small child. This is a picture of Emmett, and his big brother Obi! We miss Obi sooo much! I hope your having a ball in doggie heaven Obi.




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