2nd Day Subbing

15 12 2009

My feelings on this job are so up and down.
In the morning and night I just really hate it. I think…I hated high school because I had to be up so early. Why am I torturing myself with this again?
Then I get to Charlotte’s first hour and they are so good! Quite, respectful. Then the second hour comes along and they are ghetto and annoying! The guys are definitely guys I would not have hung out with in High School. This class I’m in now is the same way. A bunch of delinquents. Only a couple kids sit and do what they are supposed to, while the rest listen to music or play games. It’s ok though. That would have been me. I was a bad kid in high school and I would have taken any opportunity to get out of doing actual work. Oh I have to do a lot more reading today. I have to read aloud to practically every class. The book that I have to read to the majority of the classes is pretty easy. It’s some kind of ghost story. But I have to read this really boring WW2 novel to the second hour. And they are clearly unenthused about it. I feel like I’m teaching elementary school, but it’s not as fun because they aren’t interested. 
Idk, the thing that makes me mad about the kids that I’m subbing, are the future but all they talk about is fighting, drugs, sex. But I guess I am in a Burton School, I should offer to teach the advanced placement kids instead. Then I wouldn’t have to listen to this stupidness.

I am starving by the way.  I want Halo Burger!




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