My Grandma & Healthcare

19 12 2009

Some thoughts…..

I think its funny how everyone can have such a strong view on the whole healthcare issue. Like REALLY strong. And yes, I do have a very strong opinion on this subject. Here’s my opinion…
First of all, Watch the movie, Sicko. I don’t care if you don’t like Michael Moore. do it.
I know we will never get to have nationwide healthcare. As in we pay higher taxes to get free healthcare. But I want to explain why I don’t think its such a bad idea. Where do I start… I believe we need to start worrying and caring about each other and not what everyone else is doing (e.i. other countries). Why are we such a selfish country. I am poor. Yet I would gladly pay money out of my check every week to get the healthcare, which most people do anyway. I would want to do this if I were wealthy or poor. And everyone would get the same treatment, whether it be Brad Pitt or some homeless person. I just feel that the way things are going right now, with everyone getting laid off or jobless, we are just putting ourselves in even more debt. I commented on my mother’s post on Facebook, where she was complaining about my grandma’s medicare not paying for her to go to a nursing home, about this issue and of course it gets people really fired up. This guy, a friend of my moms, said it was “Unconstitutional to be forced to pay for healthcare” This BLEW me away, the ignorance of this statement! Ok first of all, we are forced to pay for car insurance, are we not? How is my car more important than my body? How is it not unconstitutional to have to pay for car insurance but it is to have to buy healthcare? It just frustrates me. And saddens me. I just wished people cared for each other more.
I don’t completely consider myself a democrat or republican. But I do slide more towards the democrat side. I remember my very republican grandmother saying that something like she doesn’t think that just because you have a larger business that you should have to pay higher taxes. That statement baffles me. Of course you should have to pay higher taxes if you make more money! If I make 10,000 a year, I shouldn’t have to pay the same as someone who makes 1 million a year!!! That would be ridicules.

Another thing and why I bring this up.
My grandma isn’t doing so well and we are praying that she makes it through the holidays. She was diagnosed with lung cancer last year around Christmas time. She hasn’t smoked in over 10 years. But somehow she was already in a late stage. She did chemo treatments, but they gave her an extra strong dose and she got really sick and had to be put in a rehab facility for senior citizens. There, she did physical therapy to get her strength back so she could continue the chemo. Well she got to come home but she wasn’t strong enough for chemo anymore. My mom, and uncle were the only ones out there everyday to help her, since my grandpa is 91 and can only do so much. And now she can’t walk, and they think she make have had a small stroke because she’s not talking as much and is getting much weaker. They have decided to put her in a nursing home and my mom is getting mad because no one will take her because she only has medicare, even though she’s been putting into it all of her life. My mom is taking this very hard. It hasn’t hit me yet that soon my grandma will not be here anymore. I am not much of an emotional person, so I think my mom gets mad when she see’s that I’m not crying about it like her, yet. My grandma is very special to me! She has been like another mother, and I am the closest grandchild with her. Growing up I spent every summer with her Up North, and she’s taken me to do so many important things in my life. And it is so hard to see how much her health has declined in one year. It’s just hard for me to see her this way. And the hardest thing for me get through is that she wont be there to see me get married, and she wont be able to see my future children. One thing that comforts me though is that she is going to heaven. And she gets to see her sons, my uncles, Dennis and Jerry. She will also get to see her mom again, and everyone else that she has been missing over the years. I don’t know. I always picture heaven like where the Care Bears live. Just with people bouncing around along with the carebears. I still will be extremely sad and emotional when she passes. I may go a little crazy for a minute too. Like I said, she is a VERY special person in my life. I just wish I could keep her in my life forever. 🙂




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