Work, Work and more Work.

21 12 2009

Today was my 8th day in a row working. I have 4 more to go then I get a day off!
This is just crazy! I have been working about 40 hours each week but I haven’t had a day off in a long time. I’m tired and need a day off. I’m not complaining because I need the money, I’m down to $26 in my bank account. Eek! What sucks though is I get paid crap. Minimum wage, and I have a Bachelors degree. So when I do get pain on Wed, it wont be for that much. The  sad thing is if I got 40 hours ever week at 7.50 an hour, I still wouldn’t be able to live on my own. Ok I would, but money would be tight.
There is talk that after the New Year the manager at Cotton Plus is going to take a lay off and they may hire me part-time. That would be great! I am still going to sub but when I start Ross next month I am going to start owing $90 a month to them for the payment plan I am doing. And since there’s no school in the summer I wouldn’t be working. Im really excited about starting Ross and starting to sub at my old high school!

Ok Im going to make some shirts to sell on Zazzle.





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