Not such a good day.

22 12 2009

So today pretty much sucked. I had to work again all day and it was crazy busy. Of course.
Another thing is today is the 21st of December which today would be our childs first birthday if we had decided to keep him/her. That was the single most hardest desicion I’ve ever made and I regret it more than anything in my entire life.
And to top the day off. I started my period which means no baby. No Christmas present for my mom from us. I am seriously so dissapointed I feel like there’s a new feeling of low in my life today. I guess there’s always next month, it just would have been better timing. Also I’m starting to freak out a little. I’ve been off my birth control since May and haven’t managed to get knocked up. If they screwed my body up I will be so devastated.




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