The only time I post anymore?

12 03 2010

So I’m subbing today again. High School @ Atherton. All the juniors aren’t here which makes it much more quiter.

I finished my first mod at school. I got a 96% Yay! We started doing blood draws on eachother last night. No one could find my vein or get blood from me and it hurrrrrt.

Tonight Im planning a date night. Dinner and a movie. And some workin outs…. I think so!

Hoping & praying for the day to continue this smoothly.



Little little kids.

14 01 2010

I’m subbing tomorrow and all next week for early head start, which is like 2 year old. I’m kind of excited and nervous. I’m just subbing as an assistant so I’m not all by myself. 9-3 so it won’t be a long day. Anywho. Better get to bed. I’m pooped.

Trying to have a good year.

9 01 2010

So far so good until today. I hate worrying and being upset. More about that later. But Emmett got fixed today. He’s mopping around and letting out smelly toots.