The only time I post anymore?

12 03 2010

So I’m subbing today again. High School @ Atherton. All the juniors aren’t here which makes it much more quiter.

I finished my first mod at school. I got a 96% Yay! We started doing blood draws on eachother last night. No one could find my vein or get blood from me and it hurrrrrt.

Tonight Im planning a date night. Dinner and a movie. And some workin outs…. I think so!

Hoping & praying for the day to continue this smoothly.



I’m sicky.

26 01 2010

So we finally got our internet back on. Woot Woot!.. Lots of things to talk about.

First of all I woke up feeling sick yesterday morning. And today I feel just aweful. Which really sucks because I am still subbing all week for early head start (babies). I am pretty sure I got this cold from Faith, one of them last Thursday because she was sick. I dont want to call in because I’m supposed to be the sub but I also don’t want to get the babies sick.
I also am starting school next Monday. Totally excited! I bought some new scrubs and shoes last weekend.
My dog Emmett had his first birthday this week! And we got him fixed a couple weeks ago, he weighs 73 pounds now!
Alright, I’m done.


Little little kids.

14 01 2010

I’m subbing tomorrow and all next week for early head start, which is like 2 year old. I’m kind of excited and nervous. I’m just subbing as an assistant so I’m not all by myself. 9-3 so it won’t be a long day. Anywho. Better get to bed. I’m pooped.

Trying to have a good year.

9 01 2010

So far so good until today. I hate worrying and being upset. More about that later. But Emmett got fixed today. He’s mopping around and letting out smelly toots.


27 12 2009

Yesterday was Christmas and it was a really good day. My mom got me some cool clothes that I really needed. Jonathan got me the ea sports active game I really wanted. It’s a workout game and it kicked my butt last night. He also got me a really nice case for my phone. I think Emmett enjoyed his Christmas as well. He got a frisbee, a new toy and some good bones and treats. That’s it for now. I’ll blog more later.

Not such a good day.

22 12 2009

So today pretty much sucked. I had to work again all day and it was crazy busy. Of course.
Another thing is today is the 21st of December which today would be our childs first birthday if we had decided to keep him/her. That was the single most hardest desicion I’ve ever made and I regret it more than anything in my entire life.
And to top the day off. I started my period which means no baby. No Christmas present for my mom from us. I am seriously so dissapointed I feel like there’s a new feeling of low in my life today. I guess there’s always next month, it just would have been better timing. Also I’m starting to freak out a little. I’ve been off my birth control since May and haven’t managed to get knocked up. If they screwed my body up I will be so devastated.

Work, Work and more Work.

21 12 2009

Today was my 8th day in a row working. I have 4 more to go then I get a day off!
This is just crazy! I have been working about 40 hours each week but I haven’t had a day off in a long time. I’m tired and need a day off. I’m not complaining because I need the money, I’m down to $26 in my bank account. Eek! What sucks though is I get paid crap. Minimum wage, and I have a Bachelors degree. So when I do get pain on Wed, it wont be for that much. Theย  sad thing is if I got 40 hours ever week at 7.50 an hour, I still wouldn’t be able to live on my own. Ok I would, but money would be tight.
There is talk that after the New Year the manager at Cotton Plus is going to take a lay off and they may hire me part-time. That would be great! I am still going to sub but when I start Ross next month I am going to start owing $90 a month to them for the payment plan I am doing. And since there’s no school in the summer I wouldn’t be working. Im really excited about starting Ross and starting to sub at my old high school!

Ok Im going to make some shirts to sell on Zazzle.